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Guided Tours in Castro

Historical and archaeological itinerary in the Castrum Minervae

  • Private or Group Tour

Descrizione del Tour

An itinerary in the ancient Castrum Minervae that recent archaeological investigations have identified with the locality described by Virgil in the third book of the Aeneid. A path on the steps of Enea, in a historic center surrounded by medieval walls and protected by a castle now home to the Archaeological Museum. In the heart of the ancient village there is the Norman Cathedral (XII sec. d.c.) destroyed by the Turks during one of their raids and then rebuilt preserving only outside medieval architectural elements. On one of its sides it incorporates a Byzantine church dating back to the ninth-tenth century; of the rich decorative apparatus are preserved only some fragments of frescoes. The 'Passeggiata delle Mura' which runs externally parallel to their perimeter allows you to observe the physical overlap of the circuit of Aragon directly on the Messapian (IV-III sec. a.c.). Close to the main gateway to the ancient city, excavations have brought to light a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena - Minerva from which are the extraordinary finds exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Castro. The main nuclei of the museum exhibition are: the colossal statue in Lecce stone of Athena, more than three meters high, of which only the bust is preserved, which was to be placed inside the temple; the small bronze of the fourth century BC., Just 12 cm high, found in the area of the Sanctuary and depicting the same goddess, with the Phrygian helmet that serves to identify her as a Phrygian goddess, or Trojan. WHAT WE WILL VISIT Aragonese Castle and Archaeological Museum of Castro Cathedral of the Annunciation Byzantine church Archaeological area in Località Capanne Walk of the Walls INFO Possibility of extra admission to the Archaeological Museum of Castro in the Aragonese Castle Skip the line for the ticket office by booking your guided tour with us MEETING POINT WITH THE GUIDE Piazza Armando Perotti, 73030 Castro LE DURATION 2h


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