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Guided Tours in Gallipoli

Itinerary in the Beautiful City

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Descrizione del Tour

A tour of the city of Gallipoli, the "beautiful city" (in Greek Kalè Polis), to immerse oneself in the atmosphere of an authentic fishing village. The narrow streets of the old city, located on an island, form a labyrinth of paths overlooking ancient "courtyard houses", the grand baroque Cathedral of Sant'Agata built in the characteristic tuff stone, and the imposing sixteenth and seventeenth-century palaces. A circuit of walls, the Angevin Castle, and a set of small churches managed by the Confraternities, with their colorful facades facing the sea, ensured protection to the city. The itinerary follows the Riviera, visiting one after the other the churches of the Rosary, the Crucifix, Santa Maria degli Angeli, and San Francesco d'Assisi, with the famous statue of the "Malladrone", and the precious church of Santa Maria della Purità. This last one, belonging to the brotherhood of port unloaders, is a veritable art gallery completely covered with valuable canvases, including the one attributed to Luca Giordano. In the sacristy of the church are also kept the statues of the Dead Christ and the Desolate Madonna that are carried in procession at dawn on Holy Saturday, one of the most suggestive rituals of Holy Week in Salento. A stone bridge connects the old city to the modern one. Sea and faith intersect in the area of the ancient port occupied by the Sanctuary of Madonna del Canneto and the small chapel of Santa Cristina, under the shade of which fishermen sit regularly, busy sewing fishing nets. In the past, the famous lamp oil of Gallipoli was exported from here, produced in the 35 underground oil mills of the old city and exported throughout Europe. WHAT WE WILL VISIT Greek Fountain Church of Madonna del Canneto and Chapel of Santa Cristina Castle Cathedral of Sant'Agata Hypogeum Oil Mill Churches of the Confraternities Church of the Purità INFO Possibility of an extra visit to the Hypogeum Oil Mill Skip the line at the ticket office by booking your guided tour with us MEETING POINT WITH THE GUIDE Greek Fountain, Corso Roma, Gallipoli LE DURATION 2 hours


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