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Guided tours in Otranto Puglia

Guided Tours in Otranto

Otranto, the easternmost city of Italy

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Descrizione del Tour

A tour to discover Otranto, the easternmost city of Italy and for this reason defined as the "Gateway to the East". High walls and an imposing castle enclose the ancient village dominated by the solemn Cathedral; beyond its Romanesque facade, a masterpiece of medieval art: a mosaic floor created between 1163 and 1166 with thousands of polychrome tiles that make up the great Tree of Life surrounded by a multitude of allegorical figures, characters from mythology, history, and the Bible. The cathedral also houses a chapel with the remains of the Eight Hundred Martyrs beheaded in 1480 during the Turkish conquest of the city. WHAT WE WILL VISIT: Heroes Promenade; Porta Terra; Porta Alfonsina; Cathedral of the Annunciation; Aragonese Castle (external); Porta Mare; Byzantine Church of San Pietro. DURATION: 2 hours Possibility to enjoy excursion to the Bauxite Lake and the Palascia Lighthouse.


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