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Itinerary in the underground city of Lecce guided tours

Underground city of Lecce

Itinerary in the underground city of Lecce

  • Private or Group Tour

Descrizione del Tour

A journey through the most evocative underground environments of Lecce, a city that with its continuity of life has crossed over two millennia of history. An unusual itinerary that allows the visit of places where the ancient has become contemporary in a relationship of coexistence and, in some cases, of physical overlap with the city that is before our eyes. As in the case of the largest fortress in the region, the Castle of Charles V, with the Prisons placed below the Torre Mozza and the stories of those who were imprisoned there, or its large underground galleries built for military purposes by Gian Giacomo dell'Acaya reusing the ancient moat of the medieval castle and transformed over time into stables, dumps and during the Second World War in air-raid shelter for the soldiers of the Caserma Castello. A path that leads then into the dimension of a typical house in the historic center of Lecce, with star vaults, transformed by the owners into an archaeological museum following renovations that have brought out significant evidence of ancient and medieval times. WHAT WE WILL VISIT Carlo V Castle (Dungeons and Underground Galleries) Piazza Sant'Oronzo (Roman Amphitheatre) Teatro Romano Museo Faggiano INFO Extra entrance to Castello Carlo V and Museo Faggiano Skip the line for the ticket office by booking your guided tour with us MEETING POINT WITH THE GUIDE Carlo V Castle, Lecce DURATION 2 hours


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