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Guided Tours in Pompeii

Itinerary in the city buried by Vesuvius eruption

Private tour or for organized groups

Description of the Tour 

An itinerary to discover Pompeii, the most important archaeological site in the world of Roman times.

Pompeii is worth visiting with our best guided tour!

The city is a treasure chest that never ceases to amaze its visitors and continues to return fragments of life 2000 years ago.

The volcanic ash and the lapilli of the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. buried the city and for centuries it lost its name and traces. The discovery of Pompeii is due to the excavations of 1748 commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon, but his identification took place only in 1763 with the discovery of an inscription in which one read 'Res Publica Pompeianorum' (CILX, 1018).

Pompeii was finally found!


Pompeii, with an area excavated of 44 hectares, provides a complete image of an ancient Roman city. The private building occupies a large part of the city and allows you to know the development of the 'Roman house' and its magnificent decorations: brightly colored frescoes (like a particular shade of red called precisely 'Pompeian red') and mosaics that constituted precious stone carpets. 

The route reaches public buildings such as the amphitheater, theaters, spas and the great Forum, the place where public, commercial, religious and political life of the city, which offers its visitors an exciting view of Vesuvius.


The route includes the major public monuments and the main 'domus' of the archaeological site.


Extra admission to the Archaeological Excavations of Pompeii

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Porta Marina, Piazza Porta Marina Inferiore, 80045 Pompeii NA

Porta Nocera, Via Plinio, 87, 80045 Pompeii NA



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